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How to Activate Webroot in Atera


This article will walk you through the process of activating Webroot Anti Virus in Atera, creating Webroot Sites, and installing Webroot on your Customer's Agents.

Atera recommends that you create a Webroot site per Atera Customer.

We recommend this because each Site in Webroot has its own installation key, so following this best practice will avoid potential site key issues when using Webroot with multiple Atera Customers.

Time estimate to complete this procedure:

It should only take about ten minutes to run the Webroot activation and installation processes. This is a rough estimate based on our experience with several customers.


The processes described below will do the following:

  • Your Webroot account will be activated
  • One or more Webroot Sites will be created
  • Webroot will be installed on one or more selected Agents




Activate Webroot


1. From the left-hand panel click Webroot > Activate
The Webroot Activation pop up form displays.
2. Enter a valid Email address
3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by enabling the checkbox

4. Agree to the billing terms by enabling the checkbox

Note: The Webroot pricing model is as follows:

Pricing Model:

Webroot Antivirus = $1.20 per endpoint

Webroot Antivirus plus DNS Protection: All endpoints in your site will be covered  under the DNS Protection feature - even those without Webroot specifically installed on them - as it is set up through the central router. However, billing will be carried out based the number of Webroot endpoint licenses actually installed. The price is an extra $1.20 per license (in addition to the cost of the Webroot AV license itself).

Note: Atera strongly recommends that for maximum protection, you should install the Webroot AV on each endpoint.          


5. Click Activate
A confirmation message displays.
You will receive Webroot activation instructions by email within fifteen minutes. Follow these instructions to activate Webroot.
6. Login to the Webroot dashboard by clicking here
7. Change your password by following the instructions in the Webroot email.


Create a Webroot Site for each Atera Customer


Creating Webroot Site(s) is an extremely important step. Ensure you complete this step correctly or Webroot may not function as intended within Atera.
1. Login to Webroot and under the Sites tab, click Add Site
The Add Site page displays. 

2. Enter the Site (Customer) details

Atera recommends that you pick a Site / Company Name that is identical (or similar) to the Atera Customer Name, this will make it easy to recognize the Agents.

Mandatory fields: 

  • Site Seats 
  • Company Size 
  • Company Industry
3. Click Next
4. Review Site Permissions
5. Click Next
6. Review Settings
7. Click Finish
The site is created. Repeat this process for each Atera customer that you want to use Webroot with.


Install the Webroot Client on Atera Agents


There are two ways you can choose to install the Webroot client:

  • Install to a single Atera Agent
  • Install to multiple Agents via the Atera customer page
Installing Webroot on a Single Agent:
1. Go to the Atera Agent page, click Manage > Webroot > Install

2. Enter your Webroot Key

Only the key that was generated by Atera is "authorized”. For example CE90-ATERA-061D-1A40-4E5B

3. Click Apply

The Webroot key should be taken from Webroot > Sites


(i) Optional actions:

  • Update
  • Scan
  • Uninstall
 Installing Webroot on Multiple Customer Agents:
 1. Go to the Customer page, click Devices > Actions > Install Webroot
2. Enter the Webroot Key
3. Select Agents from the Available list using the checkboxes (or Select All)
4. Click Install
Webroot will be installed on the selected Agents.
For any further information or for troubleshooting the Webroot platform please contact Webroot support
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