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Release Notes Thru: 09-21-2016


  1. WebRoot integration
  2. SplashTop integration
  3. Extend event viewer logs alerts (e.g. Windows Backup monitoring)
  4. Add option to disable tickets time counter
  5. Add last boot time to agent page
  6. Modify the tickets number sequence
  7. Notify technician when a customer responds to their ticket (New Automation process)
  8. Move Devices in bulk between Companies & Folders
  9. Add patch install date to patch management window in Agent-->Manage
  10. Optimize dashboard maps request





  1. Billing export not using correct contract name
  2. Adding new calendar used (nothing selected) prevents adding a calendar in the future.
  3. The office version is not displayed
  4. The customer survey logo is not displayed
  5. The map view drifts to the East.
  6. Disappearing image (billing batch) with resizing the screen
  7. Closed ticket does not follow time zone rule
  8. White labeling logo is not displayed correctly
  9. Map defaults in Random places
  10. Add a confirmation message before deleting a contract with active tickets
  11. Not allow the creation of the customer although the required parameter is complete.
  12. Can’t select the contract type when creating ticket from Online Backup.
  13. Project type contract should always be available in billing batch (on-demand)
  14. A bank with “End of duration” period is duplicating his period usage.
  15. When trying to delete the second attachment from customer – it'll delete but will still remain on the list.
  16. Getting started Not centered.
  17. Videos don't work in getting started.
  18. Timesheet summary and billing batch worktime does not match
  19. Tickets out of sequence.
  20. Several places in the system where time should be displayed in UTC format and it's displayed in local browser format
  21. List of invoices sorted by Invoice ID and not the date





  1. 'Resolution' status should be changed to 'Resolved'
  2. Logout commands on servers (from manage) not taking effect
  3. No GUI response when trying to assign IT-Automation profile to 155 devices
  4. Systeminfo command not working
  5. Change the content of an error message (not agents)
  6. Report (Auditor) shows status (antivirus) disable when actually running
  7. Threshold item category “service state”, alert type change to blank.
  8. Auditor wrong patches status indication
  9. Office 2016/Office 365 not recognized
  10. Add indication when threshold profile saved
  11. Remove the N/A in AV status on server machines
  12. Monitoring Server is without Alert Type
  13. Client controller's intervals unclosed
  14. Error when trying to move an agent to another customer (empty threshold profile in target customer)
  15. When a user login with Token to his account, he is unable to download an agent
  16. ITAutomation 'See Relations' dialog displays incorrect names
  17. Auditor report. Incorrect display threshold of stations (win 8, 10)
  18. CPU And MEM display 0 activity.
  19. The process (add script) doesn't finish when trying to add exe file
  20. HTTPS device. An indication of the URL is not available which leads to a pattern not found.
  21. Agent information NA
  22. Agents slow show up in dashboard
  23. It automation profile appears twice in the agent.



Online Backup

  1. Missing logo in Online Backup reports.
  2. Time difference Online Backup.
  3. Logo old at the bottom of the notice.



3rd party integration

  1. In API documents, the JSON example displays an array object while the API request support single entity object
  2. QuickBooks line items are all "MSP Monthly Retainer"
  3. XERO .csv export does not contain invoice number
  4. QuickBooks export failed when QB account support tax
  5. when you are creating a batch of 3 customers (XERO), the invoice doesn't include all 3




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