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Monitor Windows Events

This article discusses the event viewer option. An example of a use case for this feature would be monitoring Windows backup events.

Follow the steps below to learn how to configure the event viewer to monitor Windows backup alerts:

1. From the left hand panel click on Admin
2. Then click Thresholds
The Threshold Profiles form displays
3. Select the Profile that you want to add Windows Backup Monitoring to.
The Edit Threshold page displays
4. Under Threshold Items click Add New Item
The Threshold Item form displays
5. Select the Category Type Events By Source
6. Set the Source Folder to Other

7. The Custom Folder name should be taken from the machine event viewer path: 

  • Right click on Events Logs > Properties

  • Copy the full Log Name

  • Paste into Custom Folder field

8. Enter the Source Name or Source ID

Note: Source Name or Source ID can be found in Windows by clicking on the Event Viewer

log e.g. Windows Backup > Action Centre > Details tab > XML view

Copy the provider name and paste it to Atera.


9. Click Apply


Important information about event ID alerts:

  • Event ID type alerts auto-resolve in one week (unless 'resolved' by the MSP earlier).
  • One alert is generated per event ID type, in a 60 minute period. There are no duplicate alerts on event IDs.


 The alert severity in Atera will be registered based on the Microsoft event level. The Event Severity should correspond to the Microsoft event Level.

Event Severity Types: Atera vs. Microsoft:

  • Information : Information
  • Warning : Warning
  • Critical : Error & Critical


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