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Error: MS SQL Backup "The Device is Not Ready"

This article will explain to you the error "The Device is Not Ready" during a backup of MS SQL.


When we are backing up  MS SQL, we create a snapshot with the help of the VSS of MS SQL databases.

The following actions can lead to an error causing loss of a snapshot:

  • reboot of the server during a backup of MS SQL.
  • restart of the Backup Service Controller during a backup of MS SQL.
  • restart of the MS SQL writer or the VSS during the backup of MS SQL.

Most likely, this is a temporary issue and next backup will be successful.

NOTE: There is also a chance that the system deleted the snapshot by itself.

You should check event logs in the time frame approximately 10 minutes of the failure.

In case VolSnap deletes the snapshot, you should tune your system to prevent it.

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