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Release Notes Thru: 11-1-2016

  • Patch Management, Scripts, IT Automation, Maintenance Feedback:
    • Auto feedback summary email each time a profile is run
    • New report in “Reports” tab called “IT Automation Feedback”, displays fully detailed, multi-filtered status of each profile’s run (a.k.a ‘Task’)
    • Execute Now Automation Profile


  • Notification Center: a place to see general Atera notifications such as upgrades, new releases, maintenance notifications and personal notifications.



  • Various bug fixes


  1. Failed to delete agent in beta to agents that contain task feedback report
  2. CPU And MEM display 0 activity.
  3. Changed error message when attempting to delete an agent which monitors other devices.
  4. Button install unclickable on screen Install ServiceDesk Agent.
  5. CPU GHZ not pulling through correctly to report.
  6. Cancel an initial threshold profile motherboard temperatures parameter.
  7. Changing the community name SNMP does not affect the status of a device.
  8. Error when try to delete snmp device (printer).
  9. Shutdown commands (from It automation profile) taking effect an hour after the requested time.




  1. Error message when ticket not touched for a long time.
  2. The GUI can't get email with numbers (email settings)
  3. Handle cases when one of the signin/login inputs contains < > chars
  4. Generate report in app failed to display result.
  5. Ticket that is not associated to that billing displays in the time sheet report.
  6. When changing related agent from contact page the agent does not display until refresh.
  7. Unable to remove State from Customer.
  8. Deleting a ticket that was billed causes the 'Create New Batch' page to display no data.
  9. Mobile - tool bar user menus in position fixed + search box text indent fix + profile pic width bug fixed.
  10. Text is cut off.
  11. Bug in layout.
  12. Low resolution screen distorted.
  13. Stuck on loading when uploading a file to article kb.
  14. Copying the password from the password list and pasting it into site and it does not work. 
  15. Can't change the assign agent on the ticket page because i'm being redirected to the device page of the other device. 
  16. The Download article (attached PDF), upon clicking always starts but attached file missing.
  17. When a user logs in with Token to his account, he is unable to download an agent.
  18. Ticket appears with last name “Null” for contact with only a first name.
  19. Can’t reassign ticket to “nothing selected” after assigning to a specific contract.
  20. Send blank reply to user.
  21. Helpdesk Tickets with Outlook Mail Attachments incorrect format.


Online Backup

  1. Atera reporting emails state that the backup was missed, when dashboard shows complete.


3rd party integration

  1. On license deactivation if Webroot account exists, use API delete command on the key code.
  2. Update webroot license not using the right product id (webroot internal numbers)
  3. Error when importing the exported csv to xero.
  4. adding all mandatory fields not enough for creating a ticket via API
  5. Billing export not using correct contract name.
  6. XERO .csv export gives an error even though the contract exists.
  7. Install Webroot, Allows the wrong key to be entered without an error.







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