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Patch & Automation Feedback Report

The Patch and Automation Feedback (Patch Management, Scripts, IT Tasks, Maintenance Tasks) report provides feedback on what tasks were completed within a selected IT Automation Profile.
The process includes both an email sent automatically once a Task is completed and the report below that is useful for validating in detail that scheduled profile tasks have been completed successfully e.g. Microsoft patch successfully installed or *.bat script successfully run.
 For more information on the automated email see this article.
To run the report follow the steps below:
1. From the left hand panel click on Reports > Patch & Automation Feedback Report
The Patch & Automation Feedback page displays.

2. Optionally select and filter report parameters to return specific results:

  • Select Time Period to report on all the Tasks that run in the selected period
  • Select Customer from the dropdown list or type in the box to search
  • Select Agents to report on from the display list - or type in the box to search for Agents attached to the Customer
  • Select IT Automation Profiles from the display list or type in the box to search for Profiles
  • Select IT Automation Tasks from the display list or type in the box to search for tasks
4. Click Generate
 The Patch & Automation Feedback Report displays.
 Summary Information Explained:
 The first section of the report displays summary information, this is explained below:

A: Profiles in Report: The number of IT Automation Profiles included in the report.

B: Tasks Run: The total number of Tasks run in the reporting period.

C: Agents in Report: The total number of discreet Agents included in the reporting period.

D: Task Success Rate: The total percentage of tasks that were completed successfully in the reporting period.

E: Status Unknown Tasks: The total number of tasks in the reporting period that did not return a status due to being unreachable (Agent offline, connectivity issue, firewall etc etc.)

 Task Specific Information Explained:
 The task specific information is sorted chronologically (newest first), then ordered by

Profile > Task Type > Task > Agents


The lower half of the report displays Task specific information, this is explained below:

A: Automation Profile Name

B: Task Type

C: The Name of the Action within the Category

D: Task Success Result - A green tick displays for a successfully completed task, a red X displays for a task completed with errors

E: Click to view Agents

F: Unsuccessful Task displays PC Name and Company Name

G: If Status is unknown, unreachable Agents are displayed

H: For Patch Management tasks each Patch is displayed sequentially

 5. Optionally export the report data to Excel or PDF by clicking the Export dropdown
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