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Can I create a ticket without sending an email to the customer?


Atera is set up to automate as many features as possible, including automatically sending emails to a customer upon ticket creation or update. These emails are generated and sent to the end user informing them of ticket status, and other useful information.

It is possible to create a ticket without an automated email being triggered to the customer.

Use Case

This feature may be useful in scenarios where you want to work on a task for a customer and they do not need to be alerted. e.g. a backend fix to a server performed out of hours.

To achieve this, an Automation rule must be created to disable the automated email sent to the customer when a ticket is created.

Follow the two part process below to create this rule:

Create a Custom Field

1. Go to Admin > Custom fields > Add New field for Checkbox type:

Note: Ensure that the field is created under the Ticket tab.

2. Set the field options:

  • Target = Ticket
  • Type = Dropdown
  • Title = Silent
  • Options = Not Required & Private
  • Values = Yes / No
Note: This button should be set to private to ensure it will not be viewable by the customer.
3. Click Apply

Create an Automation Rule

Create a rule in the Automation Rules area defining that when 'Silent' is checked an email will not be sent.

1. Go to Admin > Automation Rules

2. In the Default 'Send an email to contact when new ticket is created' rule add another condition:

  • Ticket Field = Silent (The dropdown just created)
  • Operator = Equals
  • Expected Value = False
  • Tick = Must Match.

3. Click Add
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