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Chat Feature


Atera’s proprietary Chat and messaging system have been designed to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty. 

Use the chat feature for the fastest and most effective way to reach your clients and offer them help. You can simultaneously troubleshoot support issues in real time through the installed agent, without having to connect to your client's machine.

In addition, you can easily turn your conversion into a support ticket to follow up on at a later date.



  • The Chat feature is part of the Growth Plan and will be available for 30 days to all users.
  • The Chat feature is disabled by default.

         To enable it, go to Admin > System Setting > Chat with Agents. 

         Enabling chat applies only to customers that already have helpdesk agent activated.

  • The Chat feature is an Agent-based. Make sure you have installed the Atera Agent first. Click here for more information.
  • Mandatory - Helpdesk Agent activation. Click here for more information
  • List of browsers compatibility:
    • Explorer Edge and above (IE not supported)
    • FireFox
    • Google Chrome



Currently in this version:

  • A Chat conversation can be initiated between Technician and a Contact and vice versa.
  • Generate Ticket from a Chat, Note that after two minutes of conversation, a ticket is automatically created. By default, the Ticket title is as follows: “New Ticket Opened From Chat”. At the end of the chat session, you will be able to edit the name as required. 
  • Unlimited chat sessions per Technician.


Planned for Next Atera version:

  1. File Transfer with image & video viewer.
  2. Chat advanced settings.



Initiate a Chat with the contact

Possible Use Case: A technician can initiate a chat session in order to request establishing a remote session.

  • Under the Admin section > System Settings > Chat with Agent > Enable Chat.
  •  From the Devices tab > Click on Manage > Start Chat. Starting a chat is available also from the Agent Console and from the Customer level > Devices.


  • The following windows dialog will appear on the Technician side. It will say “Connecting…” until the contact accepts the connection.
  • A pop-up message will appear and needs to be approved. 



Once the contact has approved the chat, a message will be displayed showing the name of the Technician the contact is chatting with. 



Note: If the Contact did not approve or did not react to the request for Chat, a message will be sent to the Technician. Optionally, the technician will have to close the Chat dialog and request a Chat again. 




Open a Chat through existing ticket



If the Technician already had a Chat history with the contact in this ticket, Atera will display and refer you directly to the existing Chat.


  • The Show History will display ONLY the Chat history and not the entire ticket conversation.
  • The Technician can initiate a chat even if helpdesk is not activated


Initiate a Chat with a Technician

Possible Use Case - A contact can initiate a chat to the MSP as part of an urgent help request.

  • Helpdesk Agent Must be activated and then authenticated, Click here for more
  • At least one Technician has to be Available. Technician Status can be changed on the top left corner.


  •  Right-click on the HelpDesk Agent to start a Chat


  • Click on Request Chat.
  • Chat notification will appear in Atera app on the top right-hand corner. The technician will decide whether to accept or decline the Contact Chat request. 


  • If the technician declines, the Chat Busy message will be displayed to the contact. The Contact can either click again on Request Chat to be diverted to a different technician or click on Create a Ticket to leave a message. 


Important Notes

  • In case, neither the technician nor the contact accepts the chat request within 2 minutes, the chat session will be timed out.
  • Once the Chat session has started, if there is no interaction for 5 minutes the chat will be timed out.
  • The Technician can initiate a Chat even if the helpdesk Agent was not activated.
  • Chat is not applicable with MAC Devices yet.



Click here to check out the full release notes.

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