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Install a Mirror Driver

A mirror driver is a display driver, for a virtual device, that mirrors the drawing operations of one or more additional physical display devices.

When the mirror driver is installed, Splashtop streamer uses a different way of capturing the screen. This will help solve a few common issues, including the following:

  • Slow screen refresh or high CPU usage on a Windows Server 2003 or 2008
  • Remote computer's screen appears black if Chrome browser is running
  • Remote computer's screen appears black if it doesn't have a monitor connected

To install the mirror driver:

1. Open the Streamer program from the Start Menu -> All Applications -> Splashtop Remote-> Splashtop Streamer.

2. Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to click on the Install Mirror Driver button.  A UAC window confirming the install appears.  

3. Click Install to continue.  The Button will change to "Uninstall Mirror Driver" when complete.


Note: Does NOT apply to Mac OS

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