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Release Notes August 2018

New Features

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:

  • Atera’s Patch Management has been completely revamped to offer speedy patch deployment, optimum organization, as well as complete visibility of installed patches on the platform. Learn more
  • We've added a brand new feature to the platform: In-App Announcements. Here’s where we’ll update you, in real time, about the latest news, features, performance improvements, bug fixes and more. And when you see an announcement that catches your attention—you can click on it to dive into the details.
  • In the Atera Chat feature, we've added an important, new functionality: Transferring files including images and videos. Learn more
  • The Knowledge Base can now be customized per customer. Each of your customers can view a unique collection of knowledge base articles, tailored to their specific needs. Learn more

Bug Fixes/Updates

We have fixed the following bugs:

  • The optional patches number in the Atera Audit Report not matching the number on the PC.
  • Scripts not running, when set to run on multiple devices.
  • Inability to edit the 'quantity' on existing contracts.
  • Scripts failing to run if there's no blank line under the 'Catch' statement.
  • Unexpected command prompt behavior on installed agents. 
  • Deleted agents reappearing on the platform. SNMP devices displaying as 'Available', while also displaying 'Authentication failed'.
  • Displaying 'system drive' option, when adding threshold item 'HardDisk Usage' on MAC agent.
  • A discrepancy between 'IT Automation Task Summary' and Patch & Automation Feedback.
  • Advanced Filters displaying inaccurate results.
  • 'Import contract' not working properly.
  • Emails not being sent out when scheduling certain reports.
  • Connection issue between SNMP devices and agents.
  • Trial users not having the option to add a 'New Customer'.
  • Getting error 'unable to complete your request' when installing webroot on MAC OS.
  • Mobile phone functionality and display issues.
  • Inability to delete the contract rate when assigned to a ticket, that is subsequently deleted.
  • Error showing that all agent deletions failed, if one of them was a monitoring agent.  

IT Automation:

  • IT Automation Profile not running at scheduled times.
  • Excluded patches not showing on the list of excluded patches.


  • Tickets not being generated from an email.
  • Technician assignment not showing up in the technician's queue.
  • The quantity of 'Resolved' tickets, in 'Ticket Activity' widget (on the dashboard) not matching the 'Timesheet' Report.

Patch Management:

  • Error showing that Java was updated, when it wasn't.
  • Excluded patches still appearing as an option for customers.


  We have performed the following updates:

  • Optimized the Atera Chat feature.
  • Updated a number of our reports (including Technician Performance, Software Inventory, Agent Health, Customer Periodic, and Patch Status).
  • Added a link from two of the patch management reports directly to the patch management modal.





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