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Create a Customized Knowledge Base for a Customer

You can create a customized knowledge base for each of your customers, with instructions and informational articles tailored to their needs. They will appreciate this personalized touch, and it may even reduce your support load—as your customers are empowered to handle some routine IT tasks themselves.


To create a customized knowledge base:

1. From Admin, click on Knowledge Base.



2. Create a new ‘Category Title’, Click Create.


3. Select the category you have created, from the Edit Category drop-down menu. Then click Add Customer, to select your customer. You can select as many customers as you like.

4. Select the customer from the drop-down menu that appears, and click Apply. This will allow only the specified customer to view articles you add to the category.

Note: If you don’t select a customer, the default setting is that all your customers will be able to view all articles added to the category.

5. Create a new section, or select an existing one by clicking on the Select from Products drop-down menu. Click Create.




6. Select the section, enter the Article Title, and attach or enter your article. Then click Create. The article will appear in the customer portal of the customer you specified.




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