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Splashtop - New streamer version

Atera and Splashtop, are pleased to announce the rollout of a new Splashtop version, designed to improve performance and functionality. The improvements and enhancements added to this version contribute to the overall reliability and stability, as well as provide new features and capabilities.


The following improvements have been added to this version:


Stability & Performance  

  • An added ‘re-trying’ mechanism, for instances when a streamer installation fails.
  • Improved handling of session disconnections.
  • Improved connection handling on slower networks.
  • Improved connection handling for blank screens/frame rate issues.
  • An improved handshake algorithm, reducing instances of getting an ‘invalid session password’ message.
  • A new file transfer limit, now set to 64GB.



  • Manual reconnection, when end devices reboot.
  • Chat improvements.
  • The ability to blank the end user screen when connecting, as shown below:




The streamer will automatically update over time with a progressive algorithm.

In order to download the latest version click on “Check for updates” as shown below:



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