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Change the Customer Portal Password

The Customer Portal is where your customers can create, view and track support tickets, reply to tickets, as well as view articles and support materials. The Customer Portal password can be set or changed. This article provides instructions for changing the password by either the MSP or the customer.


Change the Customer Portal password (by MSP)

These instructions are for you (the MSP), in case you would like to set or change your customer's Customer Portal password.

To change the customer portal password:

1. Click on the Customers page and select the specific customer.

2. Click Contacts, and select the contact for which you wish to change the customer portal password.


3. Click on the Portal Password (in the left hand panel) to change it.

4. Click Save.

Note: Your customers can change their password on their own from within the Customer Portal. For instructions, see below: Change the customer portal password (by your customer). 


Change the Customer Portal password (by your customer)

These instructions are for your customer, if they would like to set or change their Customer Portal password on their own.

To change the password:

1. Right click on the Helpdesk agent icon, and click on Manage Tickets. The Customer Portal opens.

2. Click on the profile icon.


3. Click Profile from the drop-down menu. The profile page appears.


4. Fill in the fields under 'Change Password', and click Change. Your password has now been changed.



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