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Use 'Custom Fields' Filter to Refine Your Devices Search

You can search for devices using filters. The 'Custom Fields' filter on the Devices page enables you to perform a refined device search by custom fields. To filter by custom fields, you will first need to create Custom Fields.


To filter by custom fields:

1. Go to the Devices page.



2. Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Filters’ panel (on the left) until you see ‘Custom Fields’.



3. To use the ‘Custom Fields’ filter, you must first select a device type from the ‘Device Type’ filter category. You can only select one device type. An exception to this is with agents. You can select multiple agent types, and still be able to search using the ‘Custom Fields’ filter.





4. Once you've selected a device type, click the icon, to the right of the ‘Custom Fields’ filter. The Custom Field Filters screen appears.





The list of custom fields is populated, based on the existing custom fields that have been created in the past.


4. Select conditions for your search, then click Apply. The condition(s) you've selected now appear under the 'Custom Fields' filter.


5. Click Go to search for devices that meet your filtering criteria.





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