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Release Notes February 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:


Script variables: When creating or editing a script, there is now the option of adding script variables. The variable whose values can easily be edited, increases efficiency and saves the time of having to edit the script each time the script is run. Learn more.




Ticket Activity: We’ve added a ‘Ticket Activity’ view on all tickets. This helpful feature enables viewing of all ticket activity since the ticket was opened, including changes to ticket status, priority, impact, type, product family, and title. You can also view comment and note additions as well as change of contact and technician assignment. Learn more.



Custom Fields: We’ve added the ability to add custom fields to any device type, as well as the capability of advanced device filtering by custom fields. Learn more.




Device attachments: We’ve added the ability to add attachments to individual devices/agent consoles You can now add an unlimited number of useful documents, such as server configuration information, instructions etc. to a device console (with a limit of 20 MB per file). Learn more.





Excluded events: A new feature is available when creating an ‘events’ type threshold item. You can now exclude certain events, so that you don’t receive unnecessary or excess alerts. Learn more.




Script run time: When uploading a script, there is now an option to specify a 1-60 minute time limit for running the script.  The new time limit can be found when creating, uploading or editing scripts. Learn more.






Bug Fixes


We have fixed the following bugs:


(4992)   Fixed a bug causing false ‘memory usage’ alerts on a Mac agent.

(6955)   Fixed a bug causing nonsense ‘disk capacity’ information to display on Mac agents.

(7766)   Fixed a bug causing nonsense CPU value to appear on Mac agents.

(8697)  Fixed a bug causing SLA business hours to change along with off-hours work on a ticket

(8991)    Fixed a bug causing an instance of Mac agent appearing as unavailable, and also missing from the Software Inventory report.

(9254)    Fixed a bug causing incorrect ticket assignment when customer’s email is forwarded to support by a technician.

(11020)   Fixed a bug causing instances of failure to install agents via ‘multiple agent installations’ in a domain environment.

(13440)   Fixed a bug causing continued billing on a deactivated Webroot account.

(13625)   Fixed a bug causing 2 licenses to be charged, when only one was purchased.

(13812)   Fixed a bug causing failure to generate an accurate Software Inventory report (for Mac agents).

(13871)   Fixed a bug causing ScreenConnect to establish a remote connection with the wrong PC.

(13923)  Fixed a bug causing instances of endless loading, on the Tickets page.

(14235) Fixed a bug causing certain fields to be unclickable when opening a ticket from an alert.

(14416) Fixed a bug causing failure of QuickBooks Online to function on the new service fabric.









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