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Add Taxes for Inclusion in Billing

When creating an invoice, inclusion of the appropriate tax(s) is an important part of the process. To that end, Atera enables you to create tax types (state, city, hardware, transportation etc.) for automatic (or manual) inclusion in billing batches. You can set up multiple taxes, and also select a default. Additionally, you can select the ‘taxable option’ within customer contracts, and the required tax from a dropdown list. You can also set fixed tax rates on product/service categories. For complete flexibility, taxes can be adjusted, line by line, on invoices.

Note: No changes will be made to tax settings in contracts.


Add tax types


You can create tax types (state, city, hardware, transportation etc.) for automatic (or manual) inclusion in your invoices.


To add tax types:


1. From Admin (on the side panel), click on Taxes.




The Taxes screen appears.


2. Click on Add tax type.



The Add Tax Type form appears.



3. Give the new tax a name (Type), and set the rate. Then click Add.



The new tax has been added, and will appear in the Tax Types list.



Assign tax to a product/service 


Additionally, you can assign a product/service category to a certain tax type (rate).

To assign a product/service to a tax rate:


1. Click on Add product/service.



Note: The Category menu is pulled from the list of product/expense categories you've created previously. There must be at least two previously created categories for functionality of this module. To create additional categories: Go to Admin (in side panel) > Products & Expenses > Click either Add Product Item or Add Expense Item. > Fill in the parameters (along with a new category) > Click Add. Your new product/expense and category is created.




The Add Product/Service form appears.


2. Select your parameters:

  • From the Product/Service dropdown menu, select either product or expense.
  • From Category, select desired category.
  • From Tax Type (Rate), select desired rate.


3. Click Add. The product/service category is now assigned to a tax rate, which if purchased, the tax will appear alongside the item on invoices.



Edit taxes on an invoice 

Taxes can be edited, line by line, on invoices. Learn how to create a billing batch and invoices





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