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Define a Retired Device

You can define devices no longer in use, for purposes of accurate reporting. Excluding these devices from your reports will deliver more clear and accurate results. You can exclude retired devices from the following reports: Auditor, Patch Status Summary, Software Inventory, Patch & Automation Feedback, Agent Health, Microsoft Licensing, Patch, Search & Deploy, Customer Health, and Customer Periodic


To define a retired device:

1. From Admin (on the side panel), click on Settings.




2. Click on the Devices tab.



3. Define a 'retired device' by specifying the time elapsed since an agent was last seen (based on Atera's sync cycle).

4. Click Save. Your 'retired devices' are now defined. You can go to the report you wish to run and check the 'Exclude retired devices' box (See image below), before generating the report. Doing so will exclude these devices from your report.






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