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Release Notes July 2019

The following new features and improvements have been added to this release:



.NET Framework 4.5: We’ve begun automatically upgrading agents to the new .NET Framework 4.5 (OS Windows 8.1 and Server 2008, and later).  Learn more


 Image result for .net framework 4.5


Agent Installer: We’ve streamlined Atera's agent installation by offering the more capable MSI installation only (goodbye .exe files). And we gave it a simpler redesign too. Learn more




Atera Features Board: We’re excited to introduce our new Atera Features Board; a place to submit new ideas, voice support for existing ideas, view planned features, as well as those already added to the platform. Your input and ideas play a HUGE role in creating the Atera platform. Learn more





Registry Editor: We’ve added ‘Registry Editor’ to the list of functionalities on the device ‘Manage’ menu, allowing you to browse, modify, and delete registry values remotely. Learn more




Block Contracts Balance Report: Earlier this month we revamped the report for improved functionality and clarity. Now there's another improvement: The total balance (rolled over from when the contract began) now also appears. Learn more




Retired Devices: You can now exclude ‘retired devices’ from more reports, including: Auditor, Patch Status Summary, Software Inventory, Patch & Automation Feedback, Agent Health, Microsoft Licensing, Patch, Search & Deploy, Customer Health, and Customer Periodic. Learn more 




Auditor Report: We’ve added a whole lot more information on to the Auditor report including general (domain/workgroup, last logged user, last reboot time, IP address), hardware (vendor, sound card, system, MAC address), and software information. Learn more





Timesheet Report: We’ve added some useful information to the Timesheet report. You can now view the contact who originally opened the ticket. Learn more



Reports: We’ve made scheduling reports easier with a new, clearer layout. This is the beginning of a major revamp (coming soon). Learn more





We've fixed the following bugs:


(7199) Fixed a bug causing some graphs failing to appear in scheduled reports.

(8899) Fixed a bug causing duplicate Automation Feedback reports.

(15078) Fixed a bug causing failure to deploy the latest Java version (Java 8 version 201), in IT Automation.

(16268) Fixed a bug causing the ‘CPU Average’ load to incorrectly appear as 0% on some Mac agent dashboards.

(16497) Fixed a bug causing issues running a script as a current user.

(16529) Fixed a bug causing failure of a script to run on an offline device, even after it came back online.

(16559) Fixed a bug causing failure of some software (i.e., Edge, 3D Viewer etc.) to appear in the device ‘Software Inventory’ list (in Device > Manage > Software Inventory). 

(16901) Fixed a bug causing agent installation issues (packages saved to wrong directory on Server 2008.

(16910) Fixed a scheduling issue in the Block Contracts Balance report.


(17070) Fixed a bug causing a ticket to appear multiple times on the invoice.


(17072) Fixed a bug in the Timesheet report causing all a customers tickets to appear (regardless of the contract), when filtering by a specific contract.


(17075) Fixed a bug causing instances of Webroot installation failure.


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