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Live Manage: Registry Editor

The Windows Registry is a database that contains all of the configurations and settings used by components, services, applications, and pretty much everything in Windows. Changes to the Windows Registry can be made via the Registry Editor, a tool included in all versions of Windows. It lets you view, create, and modify the registry keys and registry values that make up the entire Windows Registry.

Atera provides an in-app Registry Editor, to simplify and streamline the Registry editing process. You can remotely make changes to your customers' Windows Registry behind the scenes, without needing to inconvenience them with requests for access and disruptive processes on their PCs.


To use the in-app Registry Editor:


1. Click Devices (on the side panel), and locate the device you wish to manage.




2.  From the Manage menu, click Registry Editor.




3. The Registry Editor appears.





In-App Registry Editor Unique Features 


There are some differences between the in-app Registry Editor and the one on your PC. On the in-app Registry Editor:


  • The 'new' functionality (i.e., create new string value, DWORD value etc.) can be accessed by clicking the mceclip1.png icon.




  • You can't edit binary values, as on your PCs Registry Editor.


  • There is no 'Current Users' folder, as on your PCs Registry Editor. To locate your user, click on HKEY_USERS and select your user.





  • You can sort registry items by Name, Type, or Data.




  • Each branch loads individually, and is not viewable all at once. However, you can speed the process along by cut/pasting the desired path from your PCs Registry Editor.


  • You can click on 'View agent' to return to the agent dashboard at any time.


  • Edit and delete options appear when you hover over individual registry items.






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