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Network Discovery (Beta)

Keeping track of ever-growing, and ever-changing, customer networks can be overwhelming for any IT support provider; but successfully doing so is the key to IT support planning, proactive maintenance, and security. This is where a Network Discovery tool comes in handy.


Network Discovery finds devices connected to a network. It scans the entire network, identifies its components, and creates an inventory—with detailed information on each network device. To use Network Discovery, you'll need an Atera agent installed on your customer's domain controller (DC). That is the agent that will perform the scan.


Keeping track of your customers’ networks has never been easier with Atera’s Network Discovery. Learn about:




Using Network Discovery


You can see your customer's complete network.


To use Network Discovery:


1. From Admin (on the side panel), click Network Discovery.


The Network Disovery page appears.


2. Select the Customer Name and Agent Name (the agent on the domain controller) from the dropdown menus, and click Discover.



A form, requesting domain controller info, appears.


3. Enter the username and password for the domain controller, and click Discover.





The network discovery scan begins, and may take a few minutes.





Results appear.




Note: Multiple scans on different customers/agents can be run simultaneously, with a notification appearing when the results are in.



Network Discovery Results


The customer network information, pulled up by the network discovery scan, is broken down into three sections.


The General section shows the:

  • Domain Name
  • Domain Controller
  • Customer Name
  • Network Name
  • Default Gateway
  • Public IP

The Summary section shows the number of:

  • Total Devices,
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Macs

The Devices section shows the:

  • Device Name
  • Device Type
  • OS Platform
  • OS Edition
  • OS Version
  • OS Build
  • Last Login



Network Discovery History


A log is recorded of all successful network discovery scans. You can click on a past scan
to view the customer network information, current as of that time.


To view a past network discovery scan:


Click the Network Discovery History dropdown menu, and select a log. The customer network information (current, as of that time) appears.




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