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Online Backup - Deletion Timeline for Expired Subscription

Atera offers online backup, which is crucial for protecting your customer networks from all data loss threats, including hard drive failure, power surges, ransomware, and natural disasters, and any other number of threats that can destroy, delete, or remove access to their data. 

Please ensure your subscription is kept current. Failure to do so (e.g., failed charge, insufficient funds, etc.) will result in the following timeline for backup deletion:


  • For 14 days following a subscription interruption you will be notified about the interruption both within the Atera platform and via email. Please take action during this time period to reinstate your subscription and/or secure your online backup data. 


  • If no action is taken during this time period, Atera begins deletion of the SolarWinds backups, along with the Webroot license, beginning on day 15. The deletion process is complete by day 17.


  • Online backups may be restored up until day 17 only (14 days with notifications + 3 day deletion period). 


  • If we don't hear from you and/or valid payment information isn't received after 17 days have passed, there is no possibility of having the backups restored.
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