alert if performance metrics are at zero but pc works fine

sometimes we do have devices where we can manage without a problem (means splashtop, deinstall software, run scripts, etc.) and do showup absolutely normal in the device view.

but they do have zero metric lines which means there is a problem with the local performance counters. i made a script to run on such devices and the metrics come back again after a while.

but with hundrets of devices in the list it is a coincidence if you notice that. so then you get no more hardware alerts :-(

the support told me that they do not want to implement an auto repair function which is a long story but i do understand and accept it why they not want to do that.

but so then atera MUST  thrown an alert if the agent/pc is working normal, but metrics lines are a zero state and a broken performance monitor. so then we really see that and run that script manually...

if somebody is interested... that script is a 2 liner and simply does:
lodctr /r
lodctr /q
it worked all the time now...


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