Verify AteraAgent Service Status is 'Running'

We can all agree that for a RMM solution to be of value it must be able to provide the necessary status information and management capability of the device it is installed on.  Since Atera does this via an installed agent, it is necessary for that agent to be running at all times.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In many instances, the agent fails to start.  Whether 'availability monitoring on the agent' is enabled or not, it is needed to provide management of a device.  Instead of every MSP having to script their own service status check to insure the agent is running, why not include, as part of the agent installation process, the creation of a Scheduled Task that runs a repetitive check (via script file) on the agent status.  Set a default time, for example - 10 minutes.  If agent is not running, then start it.  This insures the agent is always running, thus providing always access to the clients' devices.


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