'Waiting 3rd Party' Status of ticket to Pause or Stop SLA?!

Ok, I'm sure others have this issue and allow for there SLA to be paused or stopped once an issue is referred on to someone outside the organisation. 

Currently there is no option to pause or stop an SLA. We have strict internal SLAs and when we pass to another company who may be required for a fix, they do not adhere to our SLA. Infact sometimes they are a number of days rather than hours. 

This Skews our SLA stats. 


To give a couple of example;

  1. Customer logges a ticket with the internet being down. 
  2. We respond to meet our 'first response' SLA and perform some basic troubleshooting with the customer. 
  3. We find an outage in the area due to a problem at the ISP
  4. We update the ticket accordingly and put the ticket into 'awaiting 3rd party'
  5. ISP fixes the issues by the end of the day, we update the customer and check all is ok
  6. We resolve the ticket. 



  1. We log a ticket from a backup alert. 
  2. Run relevant tests and deem the backup hardware is faulty.
  3. We call manufacturer to make a warranty claim 
  4. Manufacturer tells us it will be delivered within 3 working days (for example)
  5. We update the ticket to inform the customer and put ticket into 'awaiting 3rd party'
  6. Replacement hardware is delivered
  7. Engineer goes to site to fit
  8. We update and resolve the ticket.



Id appreciate input from others on this as my 'solution' may not be the best.


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