cath-all logging

- manually started scripts are not logged; you know nothing after starting it
- software deinstallation is not logged; you know nothing after starting it

there are so many function you can "fire off" and wait till the agent reconnects and does it - or even not. the problem: you know nothing! i can only rely on "atera is working". but yesterday we had massive problems with the atera management and where not able to add it and tresholds profs, so also functions like deinstallation of software did not work.

which means, i have to write down everything we do and start an provel on the next day, if it worked. this would be in insanity if that is the purpose of rmm and psa...

in my opinion there must be a log per device which has noting to do with alerts and will be shown in a box in the device view. and in there all information be placed.
or if i give the command to do something manually and it is never done including a "no response" from them agent, then an alert should be throuwn.

in the actual release atera is definitly not a fire and forget thing to rely on...


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