Remote Support Improvements

Many remtote desktop programs allow you to see if a computer's keyboard/mouse are active before taking control. This would be very helpful.

I would like to be able to configure the remote desktop to display a dialog box to the user notifying them that I am going to take control of the computer. The dialog box should allow the user to approve or deny. I should be able to configure how long it takes for the dialog to time out, and whether the connection is approved or rejected if it times out. And if there is no user currently logged in, then it should bypass the dialog and immediately take control.

i am already using Splashtop Remote Support Plus. I would like to be able to enter the deployment code in Atera so that when the Atera agent is installed, the computer is registered with my Splashtop account for access from the Splashtop Business application.

When using the Quick Connect feature on Atera to initiate a Splashtop SOS session, it requires me to enter my Splashtop account email address. I wonder if this is necessary since it is just opening up the Splashtop Business application, but the email validation needs to be fixed. It does not allow emails ending in .systems (and I assume it also doesn't allow the other new TLD's).


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