Monitoring Presets/Portability

Just trialing the software at the moment. Performance and initial setup is great and I love that all the PSA functionality is included. I've also been enjoying all the API's and pulling them into PowerBI but I'm finding a few struggles - particularly around monitor sets. Is there a way programatically or planned future release to:

a) Have community driven monitor presets or threshold items. Ie, myself or somebody else can create a monitor set for a SQL server - I can then import into the environment. 
b) Have the ability to stack the various monitor sets together. ie. I have an HP Proliant Server (and have developed an HP monitor set to check for RAID health, etc.), that is running DHCP (another monitor set), and DNS (another monitor set) and ShadowProtect (once again...)... This would be hugely helpful to be able to at a minimum copy and paste thresholds between profiles 
c) Any form of discovery planned. Ie, Server X is running the above functionality and can auto-load the monitor set against it (or suggest it) when you deploy to 20 devices.

I'm currently using SCOM at the moment for my larger customers and have found it works really well with Management Packs + Discoveries(of which I can move/manipulate the XML's between customers, etc.), which is why I'm asking. My struggle at the moment is the development time it will take to create 100's of monitor sets and not have an easy way to combine them or migrate them between devices.


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