Splashtop Popup Designation Option

I have a feature that I would like to be made available.

When I use SplashTop for RMM to remotely connect to one of my clients, they see a popup on the screen showing my full name 'First Last has connected'. I would not like it to be so specific, and say for example 'Company Name has connected' or 'Company Name - Tech Initials has connected', etc.

The reason I bring this up is that I had a customer freak out because they didnt know my full name, and thought it was a hacker. Had the popup had my company name instead, she would have known who it was and not given it another thought.

Is there a way I can change what shows in that popup? I cannot find any documentation showing a way to do so, but I might have missed it. If not, could that feature be added?


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