everywhere use the same date/time format based on country matter or user setting

it is unbelieveable that i have to place an idea about it in here :-/

PLEASE always use the same date/time format in the whole admin gui for every data shown or date/time selection. you are by design mixing the formar as you like it.

- last logged user: european style
- last reboot time: us style
- dif. reports: us style selection
- report Patch & Automation Feedback "get latest task": us style selection
- admin Threshold list plus edit window: us style
- admin Patch Management & IT Automation list plus edit window: us style, but add schedule item is european style

well do it always in the same style and it should depend on the atera users country. or the better: do it like the idea https://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115008666948-Configure-Date-Format- wrote: make it selectable and customizable by the atera user itself, but one time selected make it everywhere the same format!

and so then also include idea https://support.atera.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007471907-alert-should-show-the-exact-date-and-time-it-happend regarding "estimated" date/time stamp at alerts. we are it guys and not "funny people", we need exact date/time values...


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