API PUT to add private note to ticket

I am building a companion app for our technicians, however, it loses much of its purpose without the ability to add notes to the ticket via API. I can request and list them but have no ability to PUT or add.


I do not really see a need for a public reply option (or public notes) as tieing into email can handle this portion. The private notes, however, are quite important to our workflow, and would defeat the purpose of adding a companion application if we would still require going tot he site to add notes.


I know the right way to do this would be to add delete options and public comments as well, but since they ARE private, and public responses can be obtained via an email, I care very little about that ability. If there was just an API call to PUT a comment that would be greatly useful.

A PUT receiver on the /api/v3/ticket/{ticketId}/comments Element accepting the following JSON Values:

   "Comment": "string",

    "TechnicianContactID" : 0



Given that I do not know how the internal implementation of posting these comments work, from the info gathered from the return JSON's, the rest of the information can easily be auto-populated. However, if fully fleshed configuration of the Element is required to get the feature at all, then I still believe it should be achievable with following values:



     "Comment": "string",

    "EndUserID": 0, //would this not be the same for every comment public or no in a ticket? May not be needed at all if so

    "TechnicianContactID": 0,

    "Email": "string", //Probably setup a delimiter to pick up CC's if you must add public responses as well to obtain feature

    //Are the FirstName - LastName variables required to PUT? Or could this be done by pulling information from the ticket?

    "IsInternal": true



The Date field would obviously just auto-populate, this would avoid any... less than honorable additions to notes.


Thanks in advance for any consideration!



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