Technician Created Tickets, SLA and Average First Response

I don't know if I am doing something here incorrectly or not.  That being said, this is the behavior I am seeing:

Technician receives an alert (no automatic ticket creation for alert) and manually creates a ticket in order to notify the customer of the issue (High Bandwidth usage, as an example).  When that ticket is entered, the SLA setting for "First Response" begins its countdown.  If the customer does not respond to the ticket, it will eventually be overdue.  So the Technician has to respond to his/her own ticket in order to stop the countdown and prevent the Technician Performance reporting from being skewed.

It seems to me that Technician created tickets should not require a response.  This would prevent the SLA and performance reporting data from being skewed.  If Technicians start responding to their manual tickets immediately, they will figure out they can make their performance data look so much better.




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