Machine status unknown - add duration.

When we enable availability monitoring on agents, Atera sends us alerts. These alerts do not show the time duration during which it is not established connection. 

In case of servers which need uptime monitoring - this makes sense. Bu then again there are restarts and updates during which machine status will be unknown. Also when there are internet or power outage (not uncommon in remote locations) it would make sense to get a time duration during which the machine has not been seen online.. where 1 or 2 hours downtime during non core hours is OKAY as it doesn't impact anyone.

If a system is not online for required interval (presume 2 minutes) Atera sends an alert - and then when it connects again online Atera marks the Alert as resolved. If the machine doesn't go online then there is just 1 alert sitting there and no further alerts are sent. Perhaps a daily or scheduled (ever 4 hours) summary of alerts could be sent if the issue still remains unresolved. 

A ticker next to the alert subject in atera could show how long since it was last seen online. 

Now, in case of endpoints where the customer is billed per device by the MSP, when a device is lost or stolen or purged/retired or just broken and the customer fails to inform the MSP, the customer still gets billed for number of devices existing in Atera as managed devices. 

There should be way for MSP to know when the device was "last seen" online / when it last communicated with Atera. 

Some way to set a threshold that if a device/endpoint doesn't communicate over X days - ONLY THEN an alert should be sent, which will allow the MSP to check with the client / enduser and accordingly update the system. 

The last seen online, should also be visible in devices list view. 

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