Email Alerts - Subject and Content


Current Email Subject:

Alert; (Customer Name > Folder > Device Name) Problem


CHANGE IT TO this email subject:

Alert - CustomerName > Device Name | Problem

The folder is not really needed here in subject and can be included in the content with full path to the device. This will be optimal use of the limited screen real estate especially on mobile devices. Also may be in Outlook client on desktops depending on screen-size and if the reading pane is to the right most of the subject  would be visible and not truncate as it does now. 



The content should be reordered so it can be more useful. Most email clients allow us display subject and message preview, which is very helpful to get a gist of what the email is about just by looking at it and without actually going into it. 


Current Message Preview text: 

Alert Summary Device: DeviceName (Customer Name > Folder) Status: Pro..


CHANGE IT TO show this instead:

Machine status unknown - agent has not established communication within the...

Then below it all the alert details can be placed. Logo can be moved to the bottom of this email, no need at the top - as its only an alert. 


These are small changes and may appear trivial but actually make sense because  it helps user be more productive.  


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