Block Contracts Usage Summary by Customer

Hi, we have multiple customers with block hour contracts and it would be very useful to be able to see a dashboard or be able to quickly generate a report to show a list of active block usage contracts and their current usage to date.

Something like this:

Acme Inc:

ContractNo.1         50 hour block          20 hours used         30 hours remaining

ContractNo.2         20 hour block          15 hours used         05 hours remaining

Acme Corp:

ContractNo.10       80 hour block          30 hours used         50 hours remaining


[Reference Harvest https://www.getharvest.com/, as they have simple time reporting nailed ;-)  Having similar simple functionality within Atera would be great]

Having the option to report Block Usage on time entries rather than tickets would also be very beneficial. Currently you cannot see the detail of multiple time entries on a single ticket as the report lumps the entries in to one figure for the ticket.

Reporting by time entry would allow it.

Many thanks




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