Monthly Patch Management - specify week of the month

I noticed that, well the patch management does have weekly and monthly, and you can set it to perform patch management on a specific day of the week, once a month, this does not allow you to specify which week of the month.

example: set patch management to happen on the 4th Tuesday of the month


Currently, setting it to happen on Tuesday, once a month, will cause it to run on the next coming Tuesday of the month (i.e always on the first Tuesday)

We would like our customer patching to be staggered throughout the month instead of happening in the first 2 weeks, depending on how each of the first days of the month land.


furthermore, the "monthly" option only allows for specific days (1st, 2nd, 20th, 31st, etc.). This doesn't work for us, as it would cause the patching to happen on random days, depending on when the specified number date landed (could be a Saturday one month, and a Tuesday the next).


In conclusion, We're requesting the ability to schedule based on a monthly day (i.e. 3rd Wednesday of the month)


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