Please look into reducing Webroot pricing

I would really like to offer Webroot to my clients through Atera but unfortunately the current pricing is more expensive then my clients can purchase it direct from Webroot.com. Webroot SecureAnywhere for 3 devices is $37.49/yr which comes out to $1.04 per device/month. How do I resell AntiVirus to my clients when they can purchase it directly and it's cheaper then what I pay? Yes, I can bundle it into Managed Services but that's only good for my managed service clients, it doesn't help for all my break/fix clients that pay separate for Anti-Virus.

If Webroot was directly integrated into Atera, not a link to Webroot.com like it currently is, I can see the added extra value but as of now it's really hard to justify the price. I think by lowering the price you would get a lot more people using Webroot with Atera.


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