Developments - put a process in place to disseminate the info..

A common complaint I see, is Atera development dead as there never seems to be any feedback on the ideas forum, suggestions and new features seemed to be release quietly with no coverage..

Which is a total shame as I know Atera is very much still alive and active and improving all the time.

Can I suggest the following.

  • Dedicated newsletter covering development. Whats in, whats out and what's due for release etc. Keep it on a schedule though so people know when to expect it in there inbox.
  • Road Map page, no idea why this still isn't done yet.. I assume you operate some kind of tracking system so just review and lift that data and stick it on a page?!
  • Not sure who's in charge of the Dev team but could we maybe get a hangout with them once in a while to see what's going on and maybe suggest a few things once in a while..

Even a basic starting point would be to write up whats in the beta version and going to be coming down the pipe and how your getting along with the current beta..

But please improve this...


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