Device Classes

We migrated to Atera about six months ago from Solarwinds N-Central and one thing I really miss that we used to have was device classes. Device classes being Desktop, Server, Laptop, etc. I believe these were identified primarily based on motherboard as sometimes all-in-ones were misidentified as laptops (likely due to smaller motherboards).

This system of using device classes also allowed you to have saved filters that you could use as a rule's target. Atera somewhat has filters right now in the sense of "I can go to the devices tab and select only machines that meet x, y, and z" but that filter isn't saved as "x, y, z devices" it's only available in the view mode.

Atera also has a comparison to rules in IT Automation profiles. Rules is not only shorter but can also target based on things like filters. For example, I want to run critical updates daily but only on workstations, thereby excluding laptops/servers/mobile devices at every selected customer (or all customers if preferred).

Feel free to tack onto this or ask questions. I'm all for helping build this idea out.


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