New Chat Feature

So far there are only a handful of issues with the new chat. The biggest issue I am having with it is the lack of alerts/notifications there is. I don't think I'm alone with the fact that we can't afford a tech to sit there and watch the little chat icon for an alert all day. This is why we have our issues sent to email and then handled in less than 10 minutes, why isn't chat treated the same way? The other major problem is there is no offline chat option. A lot of the people we have using the Help Desk Agent are businesses and they don't always have their machines running constantly. We need a way to leave a message for them so they see it first thing when they turn it on. This would also be nice if we could sent a mass message out to a building/group/company/etc. Now time for the minor stuff, on our end we get a nice looking chat box that I don't have any problems with. On our customers end we have to use a browser for all of it. I don't like the browser idea but maybe because of how it works we need that browser for chats, if so, can we customize it to look a little more convenient? I would love more ideas from other businesses having the same issue and possible fixes/workarounds. Thanks!


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