Feature Request - Adding Ext. Email Chains to Tickets

It would be nice to be able to use some sort of wildcard in either the subject or body of external email chains to be able to send them\import them into an existing ticket.

Currently, I could do something similar with copying and pasting the texts from external emails into an Atera ticket, or taking screenshots of the external emails and attaching them to a ticket. However, both of these two methods do not allow for the same level of non-repudiation that importing an external email chain does. 

As an example of my request; at a previous position we used Service Now as our ticketing system, and the Service Now admin had it setup so that you could import external email chains by adding the following string to the subject line of external emails:

##ticket number##      (where "ticket number" is replace by the ticket number you are trying to import to)

And then forwarding that chain to the support email address for the Service Now system (the address that auto-generated tickets). 


Just a suggestion, and something that could help improve the experience of using Atera. Thanks!


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