Different SLA's to cater for first response

When an ticket comes in via email or the portal, we hit the frst response SLA by emailing back to the customer within one hour and then the closed SLA takes over, this process works for us.


When a ticket comes in by phone, the first response has already been made and in order to hit the first response SLA, I have to send an unnecessary email to say something I've already said.

After speaking to Atera support, they've suggested to make a second contract for phone tickets where the first response SLA is removed. This works but we'll need to change the contract manually for each phone ticket. 


It would be good to be able to set a tickets SLA by what source it comes from eg. ticket comes via email SLA has first response and close SLA

ticket comes in via phone, SLA has close SLA only.


How does everyone else use these features?




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