WANT: Tech column in billing csv export

This would be super handy for those of us that do not use the built-in billing, and overall handy period for anyone that exports the billing into anything.

When you export to a csv, it doesn't show which tech entered the time on the ticket. To mitigate, you have to have your techs preface time entries with initials or whatever and that's just not handy when importing the data into other sources...aside from the fact that if a tech forgets, the data just ins't there and you have to go back, fix it, re-run everything etc.

I emailed support about it and they said "This is because the ticket should be assigned to a technician that should also add the time entries.", but even that explanation is problematic. The export doesn't tell you who the ticket was assigned to and even still, what about tickets that multiple techs contribute time to?

We need a tech column that will show which tech the ticket was assigned to and then which tech is associated with each time entry.

Please add this in. The data is there, it can't be a mountain of work to make it happen.


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