device / ticket history or even just a notes box under devices?

Is it possible we can have some more cross reference between devices and ticket history.

e.g. Customer would like to know what work has been done on a particular workstation.

For the device POV it would be nice to have a box that lists tickets that are assigned to that PC.

And to make that work we'd need a selection box under tickets to allow the tickets to have the extra reference to show that the work was completed against a particular machine.

In the given example the reason for the tracking was / would be to see which machine have had SSD's already installed and which ones still need then.

I can have an educated guess as to which ones still need doing but if we have some ticket to device tracking it would make our lives much easier. 

Even as a half way thing, if we could just get a notes section on the device screen that would be great so we can just tag a note on to say already had SSD upgrade.



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