Interactive list of ALL installed programs

I'd like to have an aggregate view of installed programs which can be selected and acted upon. This should be filterable by all, customer, machine group, or other criteria. THEN that list should be able to be used to check and uninstall a listed program from ALL the computers included in the current filter.

Use case: A customer decides they no longer want Spotify (or any other app) on their workers' computers. I need to be able to see a list of all the computers with that app, and be able to remove it from all computers in my filter/search that have it.

Use case: I want to audit ALL my customers' environments for shady/unwanted/untrustworthy software. I need to be able to view a list of all installed programs, no matter which computer(s) have them. That list should have the checkboxes to the left (like the current option to view installed programs for a single computer) so I can choose to uninstall that computer from ALL computers.


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