Only allow technicians to reopen a closed ticket

In our workflow it would be ideal if only technicians could reopen a closed ticket. As of right now we like everyone else who does not want a customer to reopen a ticket by replying to a notification with a thank you or other such message has enabled the checkbox "Ticket cannot be reopened". The problem with this is if the same issue happens after the issue has thought to have been resolved and closed technician's cannot go back and reopen the ticket to place it back in our workflow.

The fact that a closed ticket cannot be reopened is far from ideal, in our situation we keep tickets in resolved status for 48 hours without any further request for action taken it is then closed. Sometime users just get busy and never bother to check if a problem is actually resolved, or the issue returns for some reason after the ticket is closed even though it was not a problem a day or two prior. I get this seems like a small issue but consider the following:

  • If they respond to the closed ticket it creates a new one and none of the required fields are there.
  • If you merge the tickets it will take up the closed status.
  • To see notes from the previous ticket you then have to juggle between the two which eats time that could be better spent on resolving the issue.

None of this creates a productive workflow, and is counter to why we have Atera in the first place. The system should be here to save us time and make our workflow easier not more convoluted. 

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