Automation Profile - Run on Agent option NEEDS to be a per profile setting

I know this has been mentioned before, at least a year ago I believe.  But having the setting for the time limit to run an automation profile on the related agents needs to be per profile and not for ALL profiles.  This is very restricting.

My case for why: Patch Management, especially for workstatons where users tend to turn their machines off when they leave (even though we repeatedly remind them NOT to).  I do not want to change the time for ALL profiles since we really want to restrict when these tasks are actually performed to nightly maintenance.  However for those workstations/laptops that tend to be off at night, we need a way to target them for updates when they turn on. 

Having the ability to create a profile to include just the machine/agents that tend to be offline and then having the profile time limit be a day or longer would be ideal.  Patching workstations is a priority as an MSP and the current setup restricts us in that ability.  While our server profiles run at 98-100% our workstations profiles sit around 40-50% because of this.


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