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DNS Protection for MSPs Completed Clarence Hudgins, Jr. 27 comments 11 votes
Community Guidelines None Sharon Peer 0 comments 0 votes
What am I missing here and What Atera are missing. MIB, MIB, MIB None Timothy Daigle 0 comments 1 vote
Help Desk Agent Never appears after enabeling on certain clients. None Rob Leiker 0 comments 0 votes
What does pink mean? Agent Installations None Shealene 1 comment 0 votes
Name on the help desk Icon None John Sparks 1 comment 1 vote
CMD Prompt Improvement Completed Zaffar Mir 4 comments 0 votes
generate Customer Profitability None gil fux 1 comment 0 votes
Team Reporting on Technician billables None Ricky Cunningham 0 comments 0 votes
Multiple Scripts None Adam Rood 1 comment 2 votes
SSL Certificate for is broken None Scott Watkins 0 comments 1 vote
Best way to get Notifications for new tickets sans email None Travis Barker 1 comment 0 votes
Running Scripts from Devices Screen should still provide feedback of script results None Jonathan B-- 1 comment 1 vote
Printer Paper Alerts None Brendon 0 comments 0 votes
DR Drill None Rob Chambers 0 comments 0 votes
View/Report agent last time online None Rene Mutsers 1 comment 2 votes
Custom services in threshold profile None Benny Goinar 1 comment 0 votes
When will software inventory be fixed? None Nick Julia 0 comments 0 votes
Disable Windows Updates to Manage October Windows Update None Jeremy Irving 3 comments 0 votes
Anyone else? None Dave W 4 comments 1 vote
Block Contracts Usage Report Issue None Clarence Hudgins, Jr. 0 comments 0 votes
How is Xero integration now? None Robin Whiting 3 comments 2 votes
Patch History Broken None Tim Riley 0 comments 0 votes
agent message logs every 10 minutes when temp monitoring. Why?.. None Dave Webster 1 comment 2 votes
Automation Profile/E-Mail Notification for Unassigned Tickets only None AJ 2 comments 3 votes
Cluster Shared Volume check Not planned Anne Botter 2 comments 4 votes
Alert emails None Paul Simcox 3 comments 0 votes
Bulk Disable Monitoring on Agents None AJ 0 comments 0 votes
hyper-v backups fail (backup exec) with atera agent installed None Khursheed Shad 1 comment 0 votes
Give user ability to connect to computers via Splashtop None Steve Frechette 2 comments 1 vote