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Please Add: callto: or tel: href's on contacts phone numbers Completed Dave Webster 5 comments 2 votes
Support for .NET 4.6 Completed Bill Sivrais 2 comments 7 votes
Mac OS Version Completed Talanda Williams 3 comments 5 votes
Ability to Set Script Arguments When Script is Run Completed James 1 comment 0 votes
Adjust the timeout on the Atera Command Console Completed Dudley 1 comment 0 votes
Teamviewer Integration Completed Elpc networs צוות תמיכה 1 comment 2 votes
Brand technician ticket replies / reply email signature Completed James 4 comments 10 votes
ScreenConnect integration Completed Marc 7 comments 10 votes
Customer Specific Knowledge Base Completed Mike Taylor 3 comments 4 votes
LIve Chat application Completed Scott Morikawa 2 comments 7 votes
Event ID Monitoring Feature Request Completed Mat 3 comments 7 votes
Event by Source & ID Completed Adrian Wilson 2 comments 5 votes
Chat with user without connecting Completed Tim Riley 4 comments 13 votes
Interactive Command Prompt Completed Shaun Hedrick 2 comments 11 votes
script arguments Completed Mike Archambault 1 comment 1 vote
URL Custom Field Type Completed Jeremy Cole 2 comments 9 votes
Exclude certain event IDs by ID Completed SalCioffi SalCioffi 2 comments 1 vote
Customer specific agent installer Completed Joe LaGreca 10 comments 12 votes
Custom Fields for use in scripts Completed Alden Gleason 3 comments 5 votes
Keep General Knowledge Base, add Customer Specific Knowledge Bases Completed Liron Hanania 2 comments 16 votes
Option to add passwords and attachments against each device, so that information would be specific Completed Liron Hanania 1 comment 15 votes
Multiple Event IDs for Thresholds Completed Liron Hanania 0 comments 12 votes
Ability to change Check-In Interval Completed Liron Hanania 0 comments 17 votes
Custom fields for devices Completed Liron Hanania 3 comments 15 votes
Filter Event Log Alerts Completed Liron Hanania 2 comments 19 votes
Agent indication on last online time Completed Liron Hanania 1 comment 17 votes
Agent for OSX Completed Liron Hanania 0 comments 16 votes
Allow disabling of auto timer on tickets Completed Liron Hanania 0 comments 19 votes
Monitor specified processes Completed Liron Hanania 1 comment 20 votes
Multi-language Customer Portal Completed Liron Hanania 0 comments 17 votes