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Feature Request: Ability to turn off Alert Generation for specific Drives Planned Liron Hanania 2 comments 81 votes
Office 365 service monitoring & management Planned Liron Hanania 3 comments 52 votes
Calendar Integration Planned Simon Budden 5 comments 6 votes
Installed Software List Planned Liron Hanania 9 comments 39 votes
Multiple Locations Per Customer Planned Liron Hanania 10 comments 46 votes
Maintenance Window Planned Steve Coulter 4 comments 7 votes
Multiple sales tax please Planned Tony Tsao 2 comments 2 votes
Notification when two techs are working on the same ticket Planned Alex 1 comment 2 votes
Keyword Search in Device windows Planned Zak Konway 1 comment 1 vote
SNMP MIB templates Planned Mikael Wigerhäll 6 comments 13 votes
Add additional SNMP Types Planned Mark Tandy 5 comments 7 votes
Search via Serial Number Feature request Planned Garrett Grasshoff 1 comment 5 votes
Integration of ScreenConnect Planned Liron Hanania 7 comments 108 votes
ScreenConnect integration Planned Marc 7 comments 10 votes
Power Settings to prevent client machines from going to sleep TeamViewer Planned James Bishop 3 comments 5 votes
Teamviewer Integration Planned Elpc networs צוות תמיכה 1 comment 2 votes
Allow SSL (https) on customer portal Planned Jimmy Martinez 8 comments 25 votes
When Device Is Offline, Show Date/Time That It Was Last Online When You Hover Over Power Icon Planned Liron Hanania 2 comments 26 votes
Search for a serial number in the Devices Planned Liron Hanania 4 comments 28 votes
Installed Apps Report Planned Liron Hanania 1 comment 28 votes
More devices per page on Customer view Planned Liron Hanania 2 comments 30 votes
Show ticket last update time in ticket list Planned Zak Konway 1 comment 3 votes
End User Chat setup Planned Zak Konway 1 comment 4 votes
More device detail on customer device page Planned Zak Konway 1 comment 6 votes
Display the Users / User loggec on to Terminal Services Planned Dave Clist 1 comment 0 votes
Device Classes Planned Adam Rood 4 comments 4 votes
Manul time entries default to billable Planned Brian Lee 5 comments 6 votes
Different Product Family list Per Customer Planned Travis Barker 2 comments 0 votes
Interactive list of ALL installed programs Planned Caleb Christopher 2 comments 3 votes
Add a time / duration option to threshold settings Planned Liron Hanania 15 comments 31 votes