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ScreenConnect integration Completed Marc 7 comments 10 votes
Tiered Pricing for Backup None Tim Riley 7 comments 9 votes
Remote Control - Client to accept connection None Markus Davidsson 7 comments 3 votes
Harddisk Monitoring None Carsten Abele 7 comments 16 votes
Sorting None Steven Grabowski 7 comments 7 votes
Add to 'Ticket Type' None Adrian Wilson 7 comments 20 votes
refine role/right system None Martin Nigg 7 comments 13 votes
Open to hack / RMM Security None Terry Saliba 7 comments -4 votes
Single Sign On / Active Directory Integration None Liron Hanania 7 comments 19 votes
Scheduling techs on a shared calendar. Planned Liron Hanania 7 comments 35 votes
Android and iOS App Planned Liron Hanania 7 comments 47 votes
Integration of ScreenConnect Planned Liron Hanania 7 comments 108 votes
Patch Management Reporting/Feedback Completed Liron Hanania 7 comments 143 votes
Network Scanning and Device Discovery Planned Liron Hanania 7 comments 247 votes
Device Offline Report/Alert/Email None Shanley Yates 6 comments 24 votes
SNMP MIB templates Planned Mikael Wigerhäll 6 comments 14 votes
Threshold Profiles None Krystian Rabiej 6 comments 13 votes
File Explorer None Krystian Rabiej 6 comments 16 votes
White Label Backup System None Corey Sheppard 6 comments 5 votes
HIPPA and/or PCI Compliance None Andrew Sonon 6 comments 11 votes
Ticket Auto Close after x amount of time Answered Benny Goinar 6 comments 30 votes
Calendar with schedualing Planned James Horvath 6 comments 23 votes
Optional two factor authentication None Adam Lavery 6 comments 13 votes
Login URL should not show Atera None Computer Port IT Solutions 6 comments 18 votes
Customer Rank Feature None Ian Kirkpatrick 6 comments 10 votes
Dashboard login that does not affect your subscription None Chris Douglas 6 comments 11 votes
Automation Output on Endpoint Dashboard None Jimmy Martinez 6 comments 16 votes
Atera providing our customers with the price we pay for the service and add-ons. None Eric Fletcher 6 comments 17 votes
Multiple Threshold Profiles Answered Liron Hanania 6 comments 28 votes
Export Password Vault for Customer Not planned Liron Hanania 6 comments 50 votes